Comprehensive Consideration and Analysis of Known Responses to Vatican 2

(Publishing an outline to be updated:)

Summa Traditionalismus: Sede Vacante Solutiones

A Summary of Traditionalism: Vacant Seat Solutions

The Possible Solutions to the Catholic Crisis today,

Especially the Vacancy of the Holy See

an analysis

Rough Draft #1

§ Outline:

§ Introduction

§ I. Non-sede vacantist “solutions” to Vatican 2

1. Leftist schismatics like “womanpriests”

2. Radical novus ordo

3. Novus ordo

4. Conservative novus ordo

5. Indult

6. Byzantine


8. Independent

§ II. Non-Solutions

1. “Tradcumenism”

“It doesn’t matter what group you’re in”

2. Traditionalism

“Stick with tradition and let’s build up what we have”

3. Non-committal sede vacantism

“We don’t know how to elect a pope but there is no pope”

§ III. Sede vacante possible solutions

1. Sedeprivationism

2. Divine Intervention (God ends the world or works some other miracle)

3. Conclavism

3A. Siri Thesis

Recognize a Conclave, Hold a conclave

4. Mysticalist conclave

Recognize a conclave, pray for a new one

?. (Are there any others?)

§ IV. Analysis and Commentary on the Solutions

§ V. Conclusion

Appendix 1: “Feeneyism”, BOD/BOB Denial

Jurisdiction or no jurisdiction to “independent clergy”?

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