Vatican 2 Crisis

The Vatican 2 Crisis can be understood as:

1) The specific heresies introduced in to the Vatican 2 documents

2) The prevention of the election of a true pope and/or recognizing him

Most “traditionalists” seem to understand point #1 to some extent, but not how it relates to #2 and necessitates a papal election in my understanding. Because many believed that Vatican 2 was in some way Catholic, and in some sense still do today, it took a long time for a papal election to come about. Because there was a lot of misdirections and have been false positions which have cropped up, the true pope has seldom been recognized as pope. Since virtually every “traditionalist” position is mutually exclusive with each other one and contradicts other positions, logically this means there can be only one true and correct position. Various “traditionalists” show that they are not confident that their position is the correct one and there are many “opinions” floating around. It is our duty as Catholics to get beyond opinion and to establish what is objectively true. This will not be achieved through study alone but rather through developing one’s spiritual life and, for instance, increasing quality or quantity of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, reducing vice and increasing virtue, loving God with all one’s self, and so on. Study is important but not sufficient, or else God would command us to simply study and figure things out whenever we have a problem. The Crisis that Vatican 2 has created has basically been an unsolved problem to this day. Even though a pope has been elected, His Holiness Pope Michael, many do not recognize him as pope.

There needs to be an effort towards true dialogue without anger or judgmentalism to work through various confusions and misunderstandings. To this end, please see the COMPREHENSIVE CONSIDERATION AND ANALYSIS OF KNOWN RESPONSES TO VATICAN 2 page where we offer our analysis of the situation today and the conclusion we draw.

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