Suggested Rules for True Dialogue Today

We have witnessed the confusion of Vatican 2 be multiplied or otherwise not be resolved by various habits of speech, and would like to recommend some ground rules for fostering true progress towards true unity under one pope today.

Suggested Rules of Thumb to follow for diplomatic negotiation between various parties who claim the name “Catholic”:

*Avoid personal attacks or ad hominems.

*Avoid sins of the tongue including: backbiting, calumny, detraction, derision, mockery, jesting, etc.

*Pray for the other person before discussing issues with them and ask the Holy Ghost for guidance on what to say or write

*A suggested attitude is to pour hatred into the situation rather than to direct it towards other people. Direct anger towards finding the truth and explaining it well rather than towards getting frustrated with people who don’t agree with you. Are you angry at another person, or rather at Satan who you believe has deceived the other person?

*Remember Jesus teaches to love one’s enemies, and to speak with loving words to those who might disagree with you.

(This is a work in progress. Please let us know if you have more ideas to add!)

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