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This page will act as a sort of map for this site, hopefully giving a clear path to understanding and action. What is written below is a simple sketch to be substantially added to in the future.

1. Pray For Guidance

Please see PRAYERS FOR STUDY. A few of these prayers would be sufficient, but studying without any prayer would not be ideal.

2. Addressing Various People’s Theological Positions

2A. Non-Catholics and “Catholics who accept Vatican 2″

If you are a non-Catholic or grew up accepting Vatican 2 as a “Catholic”, please study Catholic Catechism (For instance Baltimore #2 or Baltimore #3) and see why Vatican 2 contains heresies and WHY THERE WAS NO POPE FROM 1958-1990 AND WHY ONE WAS ELECTED IN 1990.

2B. “Catholic Traditionalists”

If you grew up as a “Catholic traditionalist”, in groups like SSPX, sede vacantism, and so on, please see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND OBJECTIONS TO POPE MICHAEL’S PAPACY and on refutations of other “traditionalist” positions on  COMPREHENSIVE CONSIDERATION AND ANALYSIS OF KNOWN RESPONSES TO VATICAN 2. Please also see WHY THERE WAS NO POPE FROM 1958-1990 AND WHY ONE WAS ELECTED IN 1990.

2C. Catholics under Pope Michael

If you are a Catholic in obedience to pope Michael, please see IDEAS FOR IMPROVING THE SPIRITUAL LIFE.

3. How to Convert to Catholicism under Pope Michael

Please see HOW TO JOIN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Then see 2C above on this page.

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